Update on Application and Onboarding Process for TSPs not eligible to become Shareholders in CST-GA but who wish to acquire an SPC Token (the “Participants”)

  1. The application process will be online, through cstga.ca.  The form is not yet fully integrated into our website, however, you may use the following URL https://cstga.ca/application-for-spc-token-in-canada/to access the form and submit your organization’s application.  
  2. On receipt, your application will be reviewed, usually within 10 business days. However, In the short term, in order to expedite processing to support your organization’s efforts to meet the CRTC deadline of November 30, we will provisionally approve applications and deliver the PAA to you within 3 business days.  On receipt of your organization’s signed PAA and fee, your organization will be added to the PA Authorized User List on a provisional basis until we have had sufficient time to complete a review of your application and determine whether your organization has satisfactorily met the eligibility criteria. Please note that such provisional approval may be rescinded if it is determined that your organization does not meet the criteria, and CST-GA will have no responsibility or liability for any costs or expenses that you may have incurred in this process.  CST-GA will advise you of your organization’s final status as quickly as possible.
  3. If additional information is required, you will be contacted without delay.
  4. Once your application has been approved, CST-GA will deliver to you, for your review and execution, a Participant Access Agreement (PAA) between your organization and CST-GA.
  5. On receipt of your executed PAA and payment of the fee, CST-GA will add your organization to the Authorized User List; countersign the PAA; and, return a copy to you along with instructions for contacting Neustar, who is the Policy Administrator (PA), to establish your organization’s account and acquire your SPC Token. At the present time, Neustar will also provide you with a Secure telephone Identity (STI) Certificate if you have not made alternate arrangements.


To establish your organization’s account with the PA, you will be required to execute the PA User Agreement. A copy of this agreement will be delivered to you with the materials described in step 4 so that you may review this agreement in advance. Execution of the PA User Agreement is the first step in establishing your organization’s account with the PA.

In order to ensure parity among the Participants, neither the PAA nor the PA User Agreement is negotiable.  However, CST-GA welcomes your comments and expects that the PAA may be amended over time to reflect these.



TSPs registered with the CRTC to provide voice services in Canada may participate either as a Shareholder or a non-Shareholder Participant.

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