CST-GA Selects Neustar as Secure Telephone Identity Policy Administrator and Certification Authority in Canada

Neustar to support carrier adoption of STIR/SHAKEN call authentication to combat nuisance callsin Canada

Ottawa, Ontario – July 29, 2020 – The Canadian Secure Token – Governance Authority Inc. (CST-GA) has selected Neustar Information Services, Inc. (Neustar) as its Secure Telephone Identity Policy Administrator (STI-PA) and Certification Authority (STI-CA). In these roles, Neustar will partner with CST-GA and its shareholders to ensure that both the STI-PA and STI-CA are available by September 30, 2020.

STIR/SHAKEN is a framework of interconnected technology standards that supports authentication of incoming calls and offers a level of assurance that a call is from a legitimate person, business, or government agency.

“A significant number of complaints that the CRTC receives involve scammers using falsified caller IDs,” said Jacques Sarrazin, President of the CST-GA. “Formed by Canada’s leading carriers, the CST-GA is working collaboratively to address this growing problem. We are pleased to have Neustar on board to deliver STI-PA and STI-CA services, and in doing so, help protect Canadians from nuisance calls.”

Deep expertise, uniquely positioned

Neustar is co-author of STIR, co-contributor to SHAKEN, exclusive host of the ATIS Robocalling Testbed, and leading STIR/SHAKEN solution provider. As Policy Administrator, Neustar is providing comprehensive governance solution support to the CST-GA, enabling STIR/SHAKEN protocols across the Canadian telecommunications industry. As a Certification Authority, Neustar will issue digital STI certificates to be used by service providers to authenticate and verify calls.

“We applaud the CST-GA’s decisive action to combat nuisance calls and restore trust in the phone channel,” said James Garvert, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Caller Identification Solutions at Neustar. “Carrier adoption of STIR/SHAKEN in Canada is a noteworthy step toward the potential formation of an international defense in the fight against illegal robocalls and call scams.”

To register and participate, or for more information on the CST-GA, visit https://cstga.ca/.

For more information about Neustar, insights on regulations, STIR/SHAKEN standards, or solutions for combating robocalls, visit http://www.stirshaken.neustar.

About CST-GA

The Canadian Secure Token Governance Authority Inc. (CST-GA) has been established by a group of Canadian telecommunications carriers, in response to CRTC Compliance and Enforcement Decision 2019-403. The CST-GA will oversee the development and implementation of policies to support industry protocols and operational procedures, designed to authenticate telephone calls and mitigate spoofing and illegal robocalling, generally referred to as STIR/SHAKEN. To participate in this regime, please contact https://cstga.ca/.

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Neustar is an information services and technology company and a leader in identity resolution providing the data and technology that enables trusted connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most. Neustar offers industry-leading solutions in Marketing, Risk, Communications, Security and Registry that responsibly connect data on people, devices, and locations, continuously corroborated through billions of transactions. Neustar serves more than 8,000 clients worldwide, including 60 of the Fortune 100. Learn how your company can benefit from the power of trusted connections here: https://www.home.neustar.

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TSPs registered with the CRTC to provide voice services in Canada may participate either as a Shareholder or a non-Shareholder Participant.

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